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Multiple modules to get portfolio managers back to doing what they do best; managing portfolios.

Alloq has multiple modules to automate and improve the compliance and robustness of front office processes such as rebalancing, currency hedging and LDI. This way you can adapt the software to your own rules and it keeps clear audit trails and offers a wide range of solutions for the financial market. In addition, you have the freedom to use one or more modules, so you only pay according to use.

Modules – Rebalancing and Cash Allocation

With this module you assign portfolios of customers with their own ruleset. This gives you the freedom to create and test innovative allocation management strategies.

Alloq Balans Management

Modules – Currency Hedging

With this module you can report current hedge positions with the click of a button. And generate hedge transactions with the same ease. All according to your customers’ mandates, benchmarks or custom rule sets.


Modules – Balance Management

This module gives you insight into the required liquidity, balance sheet risks and the funding ratio for your customers. Alloq automatically generates the required data  in no time at all, with just 1 push of a button.

Alloq Valuta Hedging

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The benefits of Alloq

  • User-friendly interface.

  • Accessible from any device.

  • Automatically generated audit trail.

  • The complete allocation management process in one tool.

  • Meets all safety requirements.

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