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Total grip and overview of your Balance Management, from a global overview to the deepest level

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The Balance Management module gives you insight into the required equity capital (VEV), liability management, balance sheet risks and the funding ratio for your customers. Automatically insert the required data and you will be ready for the annual work in no time.

Keep track of and review historical development, including ready-made input for (management) reports and more depth for analyses, executors and auditors.


Use portfolio data from systems such as Simcorp Dimension, MultiFonds en HiPortfolio for testing purposes, and to generate an infinite amount of scenarios.


Authenticate as you are used to, for example by means of the organization-regulated Active Directory. Assign privileges to specific users so that the right people have the right roles.


Use calculations and results in tools such as Power BI, Tableau or your own custom Python scripts. Everything is possible through the secure and traceable Rest API.


Balance Management: Required equity

Calculate the required equity of your customers with your own formula; both factual and strategic and on a monthly, quarterly and annual level. The entire VEV calculation can be easily traced to any desired level, from instrument level to total overview.

Balans Management Calculaties

Balance Management: DNB Standards

The VEV implementation is configured according to the standard guidelines of the DNB. Because of the flexible calculation rules, you can supplement your own risk calculation here.

Balans Management Calculaties BG

Balance Management: Interactive data

We use the data to create clear views and dashboards. We have separate views per target group. We convert data to knowledge and are able to show you the latest data in clear dashboards. For the validation there is an overview of the calculation rules in an understandable mathematical language.

Balans Management Dashboard

Balance Management: Coverage ratio

Your coverage ratio is automatically updated with every new calculation and data set. By using the API and a number of smart techniques, the coverage level can be updated directly in your own reports or website.

Balans Management Calculaties BG

Balance Management: FTK export ready

In addition to exporting results via an API, we also support XBRL so that you can directly import the results into your FTK reports.

Balans Management Export

Balance Management: What-if scenario’s

Create various what-if scenarios based on your own yield curves. Enrich your ALM study with quick calculations.

Balans Management Scenario


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Rights and roles are set up dynamically and are freely applicable where necessary. Parts in Alloq can be required with a four-eye check for verification. Expandable with even more extra control steps.

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Export to any format. Both via the API and a number of pre-selected formats. Exports can be adjusted so that they can easily be included in existing processes.

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Fully traceable

Every calculation step can be traced back to the deepest level. Powered by blockchain technology, always traceable.


Secure and certified

Your processes are in good hands with us. Periodic ISAE3402 type II audit, and ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certified.

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Customer specific

We love our customers and love to build the solution that solves your problems.

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With over 99.95% uptime and an active directory link always close by when you need it.

Reduce risks and save time with the annual work by using the Balance Management module

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