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Alloq is the new standard for
allocation management


Alloq is a tool that enables institutional portfolio managers to improve the robustness, speed and accuracy of allocation management processes such as rebalancing, currency hedging and LDI.

Forget about Excel, or just-not solutions from the standard software. Alloq connects seamlessly with your customer mandates, keeps track of audit trails and offers allocation management for now and far into the future.

With Alloq you as an asset manager always have an accurate insight into the risk profile of your customers based on the asset allocation. Thanks to Alloq’s robust construction and full traceability, adjustments can now be made with complete confidence. Alloq provides insight before and after each adjustment.


Alloq – Cash Allocation

With this module, cash allocation flows are distributed in an optimal manner and entirely according to the mandate. Alloq has the building blocks to handle the most complex investment strategies. This gives you the freedom to create and test innovative allocation management strategies.


Alloq – Currency Hedging

The module provides insight into the current FX exposure, the hedged positions, and the mismatch. Based on the mandate the module can automatically create optimal orders to make adjustments and to keep sure that you are optimally hedged. The module is able to calculate the exposure on (sub)asset class, per currency, per method. Supported is a calculation based on Quotation currency, Proxy and Benchmarking.

Alloq Balans Management

Alloq – Balance Management

This module gives you insight into the required liquidity, balance sheet risks and the funding ratio for your customers. Alloq automatically generates the required data in no time at all, with just 1 click of a button.

Alloq Valuta Hedging


Curious about what Alloq can do for you?

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03About us

Alloq -
How it started

Together with our customers, we came to the conclusion that there are risky gaps in the Asset management process. Man and machine had to work together more efficiently. That is why, with Alloq, we have created a powerful cloud environment for your front-end processes that reduces operational risks without sacrificing flexibility.

With an easy-to-use syntax, you still have the freedom to create, just not the hassle of tracking verifiable changes and saving your copies of versions of local files.


Alloq is an initiative that originated in the market itself. Together with PGGM and other asset managers, we have created a platform that offers portfolio managers flexibility to do what they do best; manage portfolios.

With KPMG as a strategic partner, we ensure that we complete both sides of your process in a robust, innovative way with a high degree of quality.

“By collaborating with VI Company in the development of Alloq, PGGM has been able to further improve the quality of its portfolio management and to execute more efficiently.”

Uri Soetendorp, Head of Client Portfolio Analysis & Management (PGGM)

Alexander van Veelen
04Why Alloq?

Alloq is packed with features to make sure
that you can get the most out of it.

Audit Trail

Less to worry about, audit trails are generated automatically



Take control, reduce operational risks. Create peace of mind for your team


Data sourcing

With the support of dynamic investment structures, we maintain a clear overview of even the most complex portfolios.


Developer API

Build on top of Alloq’s API to integrate your portfolio data into your own infrastructure.



We offer multiple modules that can be linked together, with the ability to improve frontend processes across multiple departments.


Safe and Accessible

With our Active Directory support, we make sure you’re safe. With the advantage of accessing your account from any device

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The benefits of Alloq

  • User-friendly interface.

  • Accessible from any device.

  • Automatically generated audit trail.

  • The complete allocation management process in one tool.

  • Meets all safety requirements

Start improving your processes
and make better investment decisions.

Alloq Asset Allocation